(shucking my corn).


i hope iphone 6 is a flip phone

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People are going to look at the ashes of Westerburg and say, “Now, there is a school that self-destructed, not because society didn’t care, but because the school was society.” It’s pretty deep, huh?Heathers (1988)

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Advertisements of Columbia

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why do autistic people stim?


to the extent of my knowledge, there are 5 main reasons!

  • emotional regulation and/or self-soothing: anxious? excited? flap those hands!
  • sensory overload: too much sensory input!! must calm down! must soothe self.
  • sensory underload: too little sensory input! need stimulation!
  • pain regulation: some self-harm stims, like head-banging, release endorphins in the brain that make u feel better
  • communication: we can’t verbally express a thing and are frustrated! we’re trying to tell you something!

what other reasons can you think of?

i want to make a weighted blanket because weighted blankets are expensive af but also: i need money to buy the materials (26lb worth of weighted beads and fabric)



Today’s Gender of the Day is: The Galaga Ship


Today’s Gender of the Day is: The Galaga Ship


What’s your career Plan B?

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ok im going to the interview now wish me luck (im terrified)


babies need to shut the fuck up and get a job

Baelor / Blackwater / The Rains of Castamere / The Watcher on the Walls

"Episode 9 has always been the big episode."

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