the autism tag is absolute shit. people talking abt not having another kid because theyre afraid of having an autistic child and a bunch of people supporting autism speaks and puzzle piece icons and fuckin talking up treatments like ABA smh

autistic feels from today:

  • hitting my head with my hands for a couple of hours after i got home from work
  • not being able to read as well because the light in my room was too bright
  • not being able to say the thing? that i wanted to say. any of the things. i cant think of the thing
  • i cant say feelings & am very emotional very quickly but cant do the thing correctly
  • ?? thing
  • and also there’s been a ringing sound in my ears since i stopped watching #doctor who like an hour ago so. there’s that i guess
  • ?????? words what do i make do the thing
Florence + The Machine - Over the Love
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the infamous “but i knew him” scene in winter soldier just screams autistic!bucky. he doesn’t say a word until they hit him, and then when he finally does speak he can only fixate steve and repeat himself. then pierce condescends him, tells him his feelings are wrong, aggressively maintains eye contact while bucky lowers his eyes. and then they talk about him like he’s not there. i’ve been there. i’ve seen it.

 - the laugh in the KidzBop version of Feel Good Inc
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please don’t delete captions!

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