reading: the marbury lens by andrew smith, northanger abbey by jane austen watching: torchwood, orphan black, doctor who (rewatch) playing: off listening to: twenty one pilots
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updates: i have been accepted as a mod on conversationscripts, a blog dedicated to providing scripts for people who need them. i'm also a mod on 5yenwishes, which is a postive advice blog. check these two blogs out!
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if u know someone has problems w communication and they try to talk to u then be patient and kind w them don’t make fun of their communicatory skills because that’s ableist and just rlly bad to do



So Canada is basically tossing their protection of Humpback Whales in the garbage in order to enable them to put an oil pipeline right through critical habitat territory.

Just in case, y’know, anyone wants to stop talking about moose and maple syrup for a second.

Here, have a petition.


talking to my alters is weird & cool & figuring out their names for the first time is nice


i wore these outfits today. only 2 more classes to go

How to Help
shout out to minimum wage workers have to work on labor day so folks with cushy desk jobs can have the day off.

*is working a 7 hour shift on labor day*

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